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According to the Federal Highway Administration, each dollar spent on Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Infrastructure Mapping during design returns as much as seven dollars in total project savings.

• Faster Design
Having a correct map of all utilities within a project allows for a faster and more economical design phase. Reliable utility data eliminates surprises.  An informed design team makes better decisions and is able to complete their project faster.

• Lower Total Project Cost
InfraMap’s Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) and Utility Infrastructure Mapping services more than pay for themselves with the time and money saved from design through construction.

• Eliminate Change Orders and Redesign
With reliable data, the designer can plan around existing utilities and virtually eliminate redesign in the field and change orders associated with unexpected utilities conflicts.

• Simplify Utility Coordination
InfraMap determines utility locations, owners, and contact information. By knowing the exact location and ownership of all utilities within a project, feasible and cost effective relocation options can be explored with utility owners.

• Reduce Downtime and Claims
A well planned and coordinated project reduces costly downtime and claims during construction.

• Reduce Your Risk
Engineers reduce the risk of redesigns and claims by knowing the location of all utilities before the start of design. Owners reduce the risk of costly damages and change orders when the team is given all of the utility information they need to successfully and cost effectively complete the project. Contractors stay on schedule and under budget on projects where utility mapping is provided.

• Reduce Utility Relocations
S.U.E. and Utility Infrastructure Mapping provide a clear picture of all utilities on your project allowing you to explore all options and alternatives to avoid relocating utilities.

• Identify Utilities Not Shown On Records
Often existing utility records are inaccurate or missing whole utility systems. InfraMap sweeps the entire project area so you can be sure every utility system is identified, giving you the most accurate and up to date information possible.

• Get Exact Utility Elevations At Critical Points
Often there will be critical points where the design and utility systems intersect; S.U.E. and Utility Infrastructure Mapping uses visual verification to identify the exact elevation of that utility, enabling design around it.

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